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BOI Solutions, Inc.

An advanced resource management and collaboration company that provides enterprise systems, software and analytics to clients, enabling them to make informed decisions

Layer Logic™

Provides enterprise-class multi-touch, multi-input interactive collaboration tools that enable users to work seamlessly across geographies

Agile Office™

Provides cloud-based resource scheduling systems and real-time analytics, enabling enterprises to manage and efficiently utilize their global workspace footprint

Layer Logic™

The Layer Logic platform brings together the world of large video walls and touch interaction like never before. Enabling users to easily interact and manipulate their video walls without the need for complex control systems and expensive human operators. Layer Logic allows users to freely operate their video wall with no boundaries.

Interacting with the Layer Logic platform is simple and intuitive requiring close to no training. Utilizing familiar gestures commonly used on smart phones most users can immediately begin moving and resizing video sources on their walls using touch.

Layer Logic goes far beyond just moving and resizing video sources. The full power of the users video wall is at their finger tips.

  • Call Presets
  • Add & Remove Video Sources
  • Move & Resize Video Sources
  • Annotation & Whiteboard
  • Simultaneous Multi User Support
  • Pass Through PC Control - Control the mouse, keyboard and multi touch of any connected PC
  • Launch Custom Scripts Mapped to Gestures

How it works

  • 1

    Functionality Overview

    A brief overview of the majority of Layer Logic's features.

  • 2

    Popup Menu

    The popup menu provides quick access to a number of tasks and it opened by a quick 5 finger tap.

  • 3

    Pass Through PC Control

    Demonstration of multiple users controlling multiple PCs simultaneously then switching PCs.

  • 4

    Recalling Presets

    Demonstration of presets being called using the popup menu and by using directional swipe gestures.

  • 5

    Resizing a Source

    Demonstration of resizing a video source using pinch and pull gestures.

  • 6

    Moving a Source

    Demonstration of moving a video source using a drag gesture.

  • 7

    Add/Remove/Change Source

    Demonstration of adding, removing and changing video sources using the popup menu.

  • 8


    Demonstration of annotating across multiple video sources.

  • 9


    Demonstration of whiteboarding.

Agile Office™

Whether you are solving for a single facility or working with a global enterprise, Agile Office will provide reliable results that will impact your most valuable assets: People and Real Estate.

Agile Office connects employees to their workspace and maximizes office real estate. By simplifying the scheduling of meeting rooms and analyzing office space usage in real time Agile Office maximizes existing facility resources.

Automated Occupancy Sensing

  • Real-time office space utilization
  • Cloud-based
  • Monitor conference spaces
  • Way finding signage
  • Occupancy sensors
  • Occupancy indicator LEDs

Real Estate Management

  • Planned vs. actual usage data
  • Occupancy trend analysis
  • Visualizations and reports
  • Real estate optimization

How it works

  • 1

    Schedule Meeting Room

    Schedule a meeting on tablet display outside conference room.

  • 2

    Start Meeting

    Room sensors detect activity in room when meeting begins.

  • 3

    Occupancy Indicator

    LED lamp illuminates to show room is in use.

  • 4


    Digital floor plan shows locations of other available conference rooms.

  • 5


    Managers review visualizations of trends over time to make fact based decisions.

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